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MR124527 WinterDragon

Model #:MR124527
Animated 7 Foot Winter Dragon Prop
Beware, Winter has arrived - and it looks hungry!
The Winter Dragon is a magnificent 7-foot tall animated grey figure featuring molded-plastic head, neck, chest and legs, with matching draped-fabric wings. His wings flap back and forth, head turns from side-to-side, chilling blue eyes light up, and when connected to your fog machine (not included), fog sprays out of his mouth as he roars! Measures approximately 84 in tall, 90 in wingspan, and 24 in deep.

Plug the Dragon's UL power adapter into any standard outlet and choose from Steady-On, Infra-Red Sensor or Step-Here Pad (included) activation options. The infra-red sensor works up to 6.5 feet away and works in all lighting conditions - bright light to no light! Item includes volume control. Easy-to-assemble quick-connect metal frame. Assembly is required.

Materials: PE, Metal, Polyester, PVC, Electronic parts.


For information about the towering Winter Dragon, please visit:

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