Vintage Doll 36in MR123489

A wide-eyed antique doll stares blankly off into the distance as her head and arms move side-to-side, powered by a small internal motor. The sound of winding gears click as a ghostly voice speaks 1 of 3 phrases that echo through her little body. Standing 36in tall, she has the perfect child size height that engages people while being small enough to place in a room, hallway, storefront or porch. Curly synthetic hair and a long grimy stripped dress closely match the style of an actual antique doll, with bendable arms you can pose.
#1 (“(Giggle) Can't find your friends? Don't try to find them - they're with me now.”)
#2 ( “I like to watch you when you are sleeping. Don't worry, I'll stand right next to your bed.”)
#3 ( “The man at the store said you shouldn't have brought me home. You were warned (giggle)!”

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