Twitching Scarecrow MR123486

Fiery orange LED light pours from the grotesque malformed head of a wicked 36in Scarecrow. The Twitching Scarecrow is clothed in a grungy plaid shirt and rough burlap pants with hypoallergenic no mess straw that sticks out. A small internal motor moves both hands and head side-to-side while speaking to people using one of five preselected phrases.
#1 ( “Ah look who comes this way, some more seeds to add to the earth. This patch has been barren for too long, but now with your help I will bring to life more of my kind, and all it takes are your bones! Hahaha!”)
#2 ( “Hello foolish mortal. You have strayed too far into my field to escape my grasp. Your fate is sealed and soon my children will arise to bring your doom.”)
#3 ( “Yes come closer, let me gaze upon your face. I once was a living person like you, but a witch trapped my soul inside this magical body of sticks. If you meet with her, send her my way – I have a stick to pick with her!”)
#4 ( “I’ve been bound together with sticks of a dying tree to scare away the foul creatures that feed here. You aren’t here to steal my crops, are you? I keep some sticks handy to prod trespassers, get the point? You best be running along now hahahaha!”)
#5 (“A dismal fall evening is upon us, and soon the creeps and crawlies will be slithering among us. Do you have somebody to keep you safe? I would be happy to guard you for a modest price. What is your soul worth? Hahaha!”)

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