Towering Reaper MR124885

Large wide eyes stare at you in the languid skull of a decomposing reaper. Patented DigitEye technology gives the eyes a life like appearance allowing them to move around and look at people. Its chest emits an otherworldly green glow power by LED lights that shine internally. The Reaper activates speaking one of four phrase with 3 inter-exchangeable modes that include an Infrared Sensor, Step-Here-Pad, and Steady-On making it an adaptable part of your Halloween ensemble.
#1 (“Hahah welcome to the afterlife! Beware all ye who enter here.”)
#2 ( “Go ahead and live a little, it is later than you think. I will be coming for you soon enough hahaha.”)
#3 ( “Look who comes this way – and I thought I was trouble hahaha! It is almost time for me to take another soul – will it be yours?”)
#4 ( “Before you are doomed, save the last dance for me, hm? We’ll dance our way to oblivion, you and I. “)

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