Soothsayer MR124914

A decrepit old Soothsayer with dark inclinations unravels your future with her scraggy hands and mystical color changing orb. Rugged tattered cloth draped around her shoulders compliments her gnarly mouth that moves with each word. The Soothsayer recounts one of five distressing phrases in a chilling tone of caution that leaves you wondering what’s in store. An AC power adaptor plugs into a wall socket to provide power to the patented DigitEyes that look around for victims with life like movement. Her fearful words include….
#1 (“I see the veil becomes thinner, your future becomes more clear…and fraught with doom. There are many evils pulling you towards them…myself included heheheheh!”)
#2 ( “The spirits call to me from beyond the veil, they whisper things…enticing things…dark things…they have plans for you. You don’t have much time – you best get your affairs in order…” )
#3 ( “I call upon the great beyond, show me what the future holds for this fool before me. I now see the sacrifice that must be made! Your blood does not have to be given willingly – in fact, I would enjoy it more if it was not hahahah!”
#4 ( “The voices whisper their guidance through me...they carve out two paths for you to walk. The first is to run safely away, the other is to move forward into the black abyss. Enticing choices eh?”, “(assorted laughs and cackles)”)

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