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“Halloween Costumes Couples” is a Popular Term and receives over 1000 searches per month on Google®. is a .com and as such has an increasing value. As you know .com domains have an increasing value as they become rare and sought after. A .com is pretty much like a good wine. Keep it in good conditions and your investment is secure.**

Estibot estimates at $ 1’100.

Godaddy estimates at $ 772. You can view the PAGE and notice how similar domain names have real value.

We are currently offering this website for rent per month. It is hosted by us at, a reliable hosting company. We will maintain the site as well as add new videos from your Youtube channel instantly as you post them. We also will add a blog with your articles at no additional cost.

There is no obligation on your part. If you are happy : You are most welcome and you will gain more visitors to your business over time. If you wish to part, all you have to do is to cancel your subscription.

Price per month : USD 49,-  


** If you consider buying the website with its domain name, please contact me with your offer at: