Reapers Ride

Galloping in from beyond the veil is the bloodcurdling Reaper’s Ride Animated Halloween Prop! The nightmarish Reaper sits atop an Eerie Steed that Bucks its Head with Green Light-up Eyes and Kicks its Front Legs. For an added chilling effect you can connect the included hose and connection cable to your fog machine (not included) to have Fog Flow out from the Horse’s Mouth! The sinister Reaper is wearing a tattered black robe with shredded gauze shroud-like neck trim and Carries a long gauze-shrouded Scythe. The Reaper’s Green Eyes Light up as his Head Turns side-to-side, and his Jaw Moves as he Says one of 6 Phrases and while the Horse Whinnies! Easy Assembly and Convenient Activation options make this the perfect Animated Prop for your next Halloween Party. Reaper's Ride Animated Prop will impress everyone in your neighborhood!

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