MR124917 Jack Stalker

Jack Stalker is a hunchbacked skeletal creature cloaked in rotting rags fresh from the grave. It silently waits for victims to come too close before a cold scruffy voice begins to speak in a dreadful tone. Clutched in his right hand a pumpkin comes to life with an inner light that projects a bright orange face that changes as it talks. Together they mock people and banter between each other while searching for souls and brains to steal. Jack Stalker can be activated either through an infrared motion sensor or step-here pad and can be set to run continuously for scares that never end! They speak many phrases that will draw attention and bring people close, a perfect attention getter for haunted houses or storefronts. Assembly is a quick and easy. Everything you need for set up comes in one package, simply snap together the quick connect poles, connect the cords and plug in then you are done.

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