Lunging Reaper w DigitEyes MR124910

The atrophied face of an ancient reaper lights up with bright patent pending digital eyes that gaze around eying victims to pounce on. Holding a long plastic scythe he waits patiently to be activated one of three ways, either through an Infrared Sensor, Step-Here-Pad, or Steady-On. Standing 6ft tall, the Reaper has a formidable figure that looks you straight in the eyes as he recites 1 of 4, 18sec phrases in a cantankerous tone.
#1(“Want to play a game of tag? If I catch you, you have to give up your soul! Aarr!! You’re faster than you look. But don’t worry, I’ll get that soul one way or another!”)
#2 (“Do you think that you can sneak past the reaper? I always know when your time has come…Gotcha!! Hahahaha Lucky for you, it’s not your time…yet hahahaha!”)
#3(“The living never think that their lives will come to an end, but all it takes is one touch from me – ooh hoo hahah!! You have escaped my grasp…for now hahahaha!”)
#4(“I have come to guide one of you into the afterlife. Come into my embrace, and meet your fate!! Hahhaha don’t worry, I will return for you soon enough!”)

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