Little Top Clown MR123487

Make way for the Creepiest Clown ever! Little Tops’ bright circus fabric contrasts nicely with his wild red hair and glowing yellow eyes. Laughing in a nightmarish tone, he twists side-to-side speaking 1 of 4 whacky phrases. His frame is made of injection and blow molded plastic with bendable wire arms you can pose. Standing 36 inches tall, the Little Top Clown is small enough to be placed inside without the hassle of having to make room. Its simple set-up takes only minutes to complete and can be stored just as easy.
#1 ("Step right up, Kiddies! We've got the CRAZIEST place in town, RIGHT HERE! Ha ha ha ha!")
#2 ( "You DO like the circus, don't you?! You better like clowns, otherwise, I might, I might just go..go.. crazy!"
#3 ( "Who wants to play a funny little trick tonight?! Ha ha! Jokesters are all welcome here. I might have a trick for you, so you better not turn your back on me. Ha ha!",)
#4 ("You aren't frightened by clowns, are you? Ha ha, we think EVERYTHING is funny, even your fear of usI Hahaha so go ahead and be scared, I could use a good laugh! Hahahaha"”)
He is made of an injection molded and blow molded plastic frame with bendable wire arms. His bright circus clown fabric costume contrasts nicely with his wild red clown hair. Motion Activated with a Try-me option. Requires 3 x AA batteries (not included).

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