Graveyard Reaper MR124392

He's come to guide your soul to the underworld great for any cemetery display! The Graveyard Reaper decor set comes complete with a 5'9"Reaper character featuring a soft PVC head with a moving mouth and light-up eyes, a tattered costume with gauze details and blow-molded hands, a fabric-covered wire-frame 36""-tall coffin that lights up showing a stuffed-fabric rotting corpse with plastic head & hands hanging on the inside, a fabric-covered wire frame 19'-tall tombstone, and a piece of green gauze "gound cover" to help set the scene. Once activated, the Graveyard Reaper will open the coffin door as his mouth moves while saying one of three evil coversations with the doomed corpse. (1-You are a brave soul, to be treading into graveyards this close to Halloween. I pull more doomed souls into my bony grasp during this season than any other, and it isn't long before you end up looking like this retched corpse. (Aaargh, Death for an eternity. Release me from this torture!) 2-He takes death so seriously. It isn't all that bad. You get used to it after a few hundred years! Hahaha! Look at who comes this way! Do you not fear the Reaper? Perhaps you should if you don't want to have a pine box fitted for you. {Aaaargh. He's caught me in his cold, cold clutches. There is no escape! Uhhhhhhh.} 3. I think you would look pretty good in a coffin. I'll be by later to talk you into one. Ha ha ha., This grave yard is hallowed ground for the dead, once they are buried properly. But if they are dug up, their souls are ripe for the taking! I have been lucky this season, so many souls to take. Perhaps you are next! Ha ha ha!)

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