Cellar Dweller MR124881

Rotten rags and tattered clothes hang off Cellar Dweller’s 7-foot animatronic corpse as it patiently waits for the living to make a wrong move. Glowing green eyes pierce through darkness as a rough dry voice speaks in a deathly tone one of four haunting phrases. He activates with either an infrared senser, Step-Here-Pad, or can be set to Constant-Run causing his decrepit boney hands to claw away at the darkness. Constructed of durable metal rods that snap together, this piece is easily assembled in less than 30 minutes.
#1 ("This dank old house is oozing with foul stench of rotten souls. It's kept me thriving, as long as I hide down here with the rats. I'm happy to share with you, if you have the stomach for it! Huh huh huh!")
#2 ( “Uuuuhhhh… I ooze with the spirit of Halloween. Drip, drip drip it goes. Uuuuhhh…”)
#3 ( “This place drips with doomed spirits. Released from their burial graves, they are searching for fresh victims to haunt. There is no way of hiding from them; but go ahead and try! Huh huh”)
#4 ( “The syrupy, sick damp of the cellar has made me a moldy mess. But no matter. I’ve grown fond of the wet stench of it, and fond to share it with you! Uuuuhhhh!” )

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